The Power of Mastering

Until very recently, Audio Mastering was regarded upon as a pretty dark art among many producers and artists. Generally spoken, it is the last creative step in music and audio post production that makes a record sound the best it possibly can. If your music was properly mixed, expect the following benefits when getting your music mastered by an experienced engineer:

Good Mastering results in...

  • improved depth, space and presence
  • more musical impact
  • competitive sound quality
  • translation on all playback media
Mastering cannot fix very critical production, recording or mixing issues. The better the mix is, the better the master will be.

Mastering Options

Before booking a mastering session, keep in mind the two following options you have.

Stereo Mastering

  • based on 1 stereo mix file
  • best for good mixes
  • € 50,- per song
  • incl. extra versions & revisions

Stem Mastering

  • based on up to 6 stereo stem files
  • great for mixes with little issues
  • € 50,- per song
  • incl. extra versions & revisions
Not sure which option to choose from? Send your mix and get a nonbinding recommendation for the better working option. Alternatively, stem files can be summed for stereo mastering if necessary.

Online Mastering Process

1. Booking

  • Scheduling
  • File transfer

2. Mastering

  • Actual mastering
  • File transfer

3. Revision

  • Master review
  • Corrections & adjustments

4. Payment

  • Invoice
  • PayPal or bank transfer
The total turnaround per single is about 3 days, album mastering may take longer. You can send a session inquiry to get your mastered files back by your desired date.

Technical Criteria

All files must meet the following criteria to be ready for mastering:
  • File format: WAVE (.wav) or AIFF (.aiff)
  • Bit depth: 24bit or 32bit, no dithering
  • sample rate: native sample rate, no up- or downsampling
  • volume level: maximum peak below 0dbFs (no clipping)
  • limiters/maximizers/psychoacoustic effects disabled on the master bus
BPM info can be helpful. Files are usually transferred via WeTransfer or Dropbox.