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About the Engineer

Simon Hestermann
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As a member of the Bavarian Premier Class for Music, Simon received exceptional classical music education at the Erlanger Musikinstitut, with additional courses by the University of Music Weimar and University of Music Würzburg. While his early passion for piano and chamber music led to awarded collaborations with young artists and paved the way for numerous concert appearances, Simon simultaneously developed a particular interest for audio engineering and classical recordings.
Soon, his highly trained ear and great musical knowledge got recognized by the music industry, which gave him the opportunity to work at various recording studios and well-known concert venues across all genres.

Recently, Simon’s main focus has shifted towards audio post production and audio mastering in particular, where both his experience and passion are coming together to give any piece of music the final sound it deserves.
Since 2016, Simon is employed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, the famous founders of the MP3 audio codec.

Although Simon’s work is acclaimed by major label artists and leading representatives of the music business, he is still dedicated to a fair pricing structure that makes his mastering service affordable for anyone who wants to take the sound of their music to the next level.

About the Studio

Featuring state-of-the-art analogue and digital technology, Simon's studio is equipped with everything needed to create brilliant masters. Being under constant change, the final goal is to reach a fast and efficient workflow while maintaining low studio costs that eventually effect the pricing structure for clients.
Since gear only helps achieve required changes within the audio material, great effort has also been put into designing the studio acoustics for a transparent and honest listening environment.
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